Octavio Sousa, B.S.

Visiting Scholar

B.S. Agronomy, Federal Universidade De Lavras, Brazil

March 2021 – present





Natalia de Andrade Teixeira Fernandes, M.S.

Visiting Scholar

B.S. Biology 2015, Center for Higher Education, Juiz de Fora

M.S. Agricultural Microbiology 2018, Federal University of Lavras

Natalia’s research interest is the production of yeast-produced biosurfactant

December 2019-June 2021.


Lie-Fen Shyur, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Fellow (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)

Lie-fen’s research interests include phytochemistry, metabolomic engineering, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compounds, and natural products.

June 2019-August 2019


Meng-Ting Chang

Ph.D. Candidate (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)

Meng-Ting’s research interests include natural products, synthesis, steryl glycosides, and organic chemistry.

June 2019-August 2019



Kevin O’Shea, Ph.D.

Professor (Florida International University)

B.S. Chemistry 1984, CSU, Sacramento

Ph.D. Chemistry 1989, UC Los Angeles

Kevin’s research interests include pollution chemistry, fluorine-containing molecules, beta-cyclodextrin, and organic chemistry.

January 2019-June 2019




Claude-Bernard Paultre, M.S.

Graduate Student (Florida International University)

B.S. Chemistry 2011, Université d’Etat d’Haïti

M.S. Organic Chemistry 2014, Université Lyon 1

Claude-Bernard’s research interests include phytochemistry, drug discovery, heterocyclic chemistry, quality control of pharmaceuticals, and water analysis.

January 2019-July 2019