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Research in our laboratory focuses on developing chemotherapeutic interventions for viral infection and cancer metastasis. While these two diseases are fundamentally distinct, both have been addressed using three chemical strategies: 1) the development of small molecule inhibitors of critical pathogenic pathways, 2) synthesis of chemically defined macromolecules as vaccine candidates and, 3) the synthesis of immunogenic glycolipids to enhance the effects of chemotherapeutics. Our studies with immune stimulating molecules have revealed a modular exchange of carbohydrates and lipids occurring between the kingdoms of life that impacts human health. Conduits of molecular exchange exist at many levels of food and beverage production and consumption – from microbes in soil, to the food we consume and within our own microbiota. Current research in our lab seeks to correlate the health attributes of food and beverages with this microscopic molecular exchange economy. We are especially interested in characterizing the chemical exchange of sterol glycosides between Camellia sinensis, humans, and their associated microbiota.

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